Discord is launching in-server streaming later this month with new ‘Go Live’ feature

Server-based chat platform Discord is rolling out a new feature called ‘Go Live’ that builds a small-scale streaming platform directly into Discord itself, an addition that aims to replicate the feeling of playing games on the couch with your best pals.

To help recapture those glory days, Go Live will allow users to stream gameplay to up to 10 friends in their server while hanging out together in voice chat.

“Go Live keeps things simple — there’s no complicated set-up, and it’s just one click to stream a game to a server,” explained Discord in a press release. “Friends can view your stream from anywhere using the desktop app or by browser (mobile spectating coming by end of year).”

“Plus, Go Live is hardware optimized so you can stream with minimal impact to your game performance. Go Live delivers a virtual couch gaming experience, making any game more social by inviting friends to watch and chat along with you.”

Discord Classic users will be able to use Go Live to host 1080p streams at up to 60fps, while those using Discord Nitro — the platform’s premium subscription service — will unlock the ability to host 4K streams.

Go Live will begin rolling out to users starting on August 15, and should be available to everybody on Discord within two weeks of launch.